Nature Morte / Nature Vivante

More than 70 works have been put together for this exhibition on the theme: Nature Morte Nature Vivante with a wide variety of interpretations and media: objects, photos, videos, installations... The exhibited artists include FormaFantasma, Andrea Branzy, Marlène Huissoud, Alexi Williams Wynn and many others.

Our project is intended to be very neutral, simple and efficient at the same time; the priority was to highlight the works and the narrative sequence that the curators wished to set up. Our proposal, made of large cardboard walls, proposes a new circulation, a sequencing of the exhibition, a progressive discovery of all the works. It enriches the usual vision of the space of Le Magasin aux foins and simplifies the narration of the exhibition. Our aim was to maintain the scale and keep the envelope of the space of Le Magasin aux Foins visible everywhere, while defining autonomous spaces.

The large cardboard partitions accentuate the verticality of the place, while the low and exaggeratedly long pedestals invite to a horizontal reading of the works that are rather placed low.

Cardboard, a poor, affordable and light material, was chosen for the creation of the giant walls measuring 5m x 10,12,15m. The panels establish a fragile presence that is both imposing and invisible, they offer a form of simplicity in a place where materiality is extremely present.

The scenography also plays an essential role as an intermediary between the scale of the building (45m long, over 10m wide and high) and the scale of the object.

Exhibition : Nature Vivante Nature Morte
Curators : Veerle Wenes / Ralph Collier
Direction CID: Marie Pok / Françoise Foulon
Exhibition design : Lhoas & Lhoas architects
Photographies : Tim Van de Velde
Location: CID Grand Hornu Rue Sainte-Louise, 82, 7301 Hornu
Surface: 512m²