La Cambre-Horta School of Architecture

The project, situated on one of the angles of Flagey square, heart of Ixelles, is the renovation of the ground floor of the building extending the emblematic « Maison de la Radio ». If you can't, from the first look, see major differences between the iconic boat-shaped building built in the 30's and its little brother born in the 60's, then you notice some variations in the façades and in materials quality.

The edifice structure is composed of concrete posts and beams on which lie slabs made with the same material. Façades are made of bricks. Windows are single glazing with very thin aluminium frames. Interior partitions are lightweight and prefabricated. Everything in this building which is now sheltering an architecture school since 1980 seems to have been conceived with a particular attention for efficiency, economy and modularity.
Trying to give a proper façade, like the one it stands by, is one of the main focus of the project. Windows are prismatic and the front door bends, as a way to aspirate the square. The new cafeteria is placed in the corner of the building, directly in contact with the public space it aspires to be animated by.

A new shed-like roof, major feature of the project, covers the large central space leaning on the impressive existent concrete structure. This space will be an auditorium for the school as well as for various manifestations organized by the town.

In order to keep costs low and to respect the building's soul, the concrete structure is left apparent and enhanced by the organic character of the new lightweight partitions marking off different rooms which need to be closed. The continuous space flowing between this rooms links both outdoor areas on which the project opens, Flagey square on one side, the courtyard on the other, and allows the building to breath again.

Status : completed
Surface : 1544 m²
Budget : 1.459.828 €
Location : 19, Place Flagey, 1050, Bruxelles

Pictures by Maxime Delvaux.