Certo is a mix. A place were you can have a coffee, have lunch, try some wines, enjoy an aperitif or small dishes, eat pasta, have a dinner, or even eat something quick before going to the cinema. At Certo, you can also buy wine, do takeaways, talk with the owner and have a different taste of Italy.

This project aims to create a place that feels immediately familiar but at the same time unique.
The kitchen was already in the middle of the restaurant, so we made its presence stronger and more specific by embracing a range of materials and colors, and creating a functional-baroque tridimensional collage.
As the small kitchen space became a micro-architecture element, we simplified the rest of the restaurant.

We collaborated closely with « Face to Face » design, the graphic designer who created the brand strategy, so that the space would fit well with the colors and textures that she wanted to develop graphically.

Status : completed
Surface : 35m²
Location :rue Longue Vie 48, 1050 Ixelles